Meet the leadership

Andrew is a graduate at Ohio State University, with a degree in Biomedical Science and is an accepted medical student at OSUCOM. For the last 4 years, he has been involved in service organizations that focuses on serving the homeless population. Andrew is taking a year off before medical school to dedicate his time in developing Pass the Class. During his free time, Andrew enjoys creating art, exercising, and eating too much at buffets. Contact Email


Caroline is a junior Social work and Political Science major at The Ohio State University She serves as the Community Outreach Co-chair, focusing on developing relationships within Columbus to help the organization grow. Caroline is also involved in intramural soccer and the Social Work College Student Ambassadors. Outside of school, she enjoys running and spending time with friends. You can reach Caroline at
Dylan is a student at Ohio State University, studying Business and Japanese. He is part of the community outreach team. Having worked at a technology education company for four years, he now is excited to be part of the Community Outreach team for Pass the Class. Outside of school and work, he plays video games (favorite is Pokemon) and runway fashion. Contact Email:


Tanish is a student at the Ohio State University, studying biomedical science on a pre-med track. Having tutored in the past, he is excited to be a part of the youth development committee for Pass the Class. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys playing basketball, listening to new music, and spending time with friends. Contact Email:
Kaylee Rae is a student at Ohio State University, studying Biological Engineering. She is currently working on a Guide to College program and is part of the Youth Development team for Pass the Class. Outside of school she loves to travel, watch sports or bundle up with a nice book. Contact Email: